Spam Ume Onigiri

Cook 3 go (540mL) Japanese white rice.

Separately, toast Spam (1 tin of 25% less sodium) in a skillet to add a little color and crush it into tiny pieces with a fork or whatever.

Remove pit from 1 large umeboshi and mince.

Fold Spam and umeboshi into the cooked rice and make onigiri.

the bastard

I like to daydream about opening a cafeteria style restaurant called The Bastard to serve whatever random fusion food I feel like making. Here’s a recipe from that fantasy menu.

Chopped Cheese Over Rice

Sautee some chopped onion in a pan until golden. Add ground beef to the pan. Season with salt, adobo, and a little bit of hawaij. Flip the meat over and season again. Chop the meat into pieces and stir together with the onions.

Once cooked through, turn off heat, throw on slices of American cheese and let it melt. Serve over plain basmati rice and the following salad: chopped tomato, shaved onion, chopped iceberg, salt, mayo, mustard, ketchup, and whatever other fixings you like to have with your chopped cheese.